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Policy statements

During the first week of the Plenipotentiary Conference, time will be allocated to high-ranking delegates from ITU Member States, for the most part Ministers responsible for telecommunications/ICTs, who have expressed their wish to deliver statements in Plenary on general policy issues related to the missions and/or objectives of the Union.

In light of the heavy workload of PP-22 and the three-week time-frame within which it must complete its work, such policy statements will be limited to one speaker per delegation. Policy statements will be delivered from the 1st Plenary on the afternoon of Monday, 26 September to the afternoon of Friday, 30 September. On Thursday and Friday, they will take place around the elections. Slots are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, but priority is given to higher government officials, such as Ministers, as well as those participating physically. The delegate will speak from the podium and statements will be limited to three minutes.

Speaking slots can be requested here with an ITU user account or TIES account.

Delegations are invited to submit their statements in written to and are encouraged to include a short quote from the statement that could be highlighted and promoted through the ITU media and communication channels. Following delivery, the statements will be made available on the PP-22 website. Delegations are reminded that the official hashtag is #Plenipot and are invited to also promote their national statements.

Guidelines for policy statements can be found here.

The provisional list of speakers can be found here. Please note that it is subject to change based on the progress of the work of the Conference.