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To enable persons with disabilities to fully participate at the PP-22 Conference, ITU and the Host Country are committed to providing reasonable accommodation.

The Conference venue is generally accessible to persons with disabilities. Accessibility features and services available at the Conference will include captioning of the main meetings, signage, and dedicated lanes for persons with disabilities, among others.

Any additional requests for the provision of accessibility services can be made during the registration process or by directly contacting; additional requests will be subject to the availability of resources.

Gender-responsive PP

ITU, as the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs), is committed to connecting all the world’s people – wherever they live and whatever their means. In this context, including a gender perspective in ITU’s work is essential to ensure that the benefits of ICTs are made available to all women and men on a fair and equitable basis.

Following the PP-18 recommendation to foster the participation of women in all ITU decision-making processes, together with the Host Country, ITU works to ensure that the PP-22 Conference become s a gender-responsive event.

A gender-responsive event is one that aims to advance gender equality by upholding actions on agenda-setting, participation, governance, working environment, and decision-making which, when used collectively, can work as a system to accelerate, achieve, and sustain gender equality, as well as to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 (SDG 5), and contribute to a gender equal and inclusive society.

To do so, a presentation containing a checklist has been developed that covers all aspects to be considered by the ITU secretariat, the Host Country, and the Member States, before, during and after a Plenipotentiary Conference takes place. You can access the presentation here.

Some key steps have been taken:

  • September 2021: An invitation letter to attend the conference was sent by the ITU Secretary-General on 27 Sept 2021 (CL-21/41), calling for at least 35% of women’s participation for PP-22, after having reached 29% in PP-18.
  • March 2022: Member States were invited to nominate women delegates to participate in a virtual training program for PP-22 supported by Australia (CL-22/11).
  • May 2022: To build awareness, an Advocacy kit has been developed where the ITU secretariat, the Host Country, Member States and delegates are invited to help make PP-22 as green, gender-responsive and inclusive as possible.
  • May 2022: A Women’s Security Awareness Workshop was delivered to all women staff travelling to PP-22.
  • May 2022: The virtual training for women delegates attending PP-22 kicked off. To take place from May to June 2022, on the ITU Academy platform, the course gathered more than 120 women, nominated by their Member States, to acquire knowledge on ITU and its Plenipotentiary Conference, attend live sessions, network and practice negotiation skills and conference dynamics to have an active participating during PP-22.
  • September 2022: A side event (breakfast) will be organized during the PP-22 1st week, in Bucharest, with a high-level panel to highlight the importance of women taking leading positions in the ICT Sector, continue to network, and recognise the delegates that completed the virtual training. The full programme is available here.

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