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Registration to PP-22 is carried out exclusively online by each participant interested in participating. Every request for participation must be validated by the Registration Focal Points (RFPs) designated by each administration and entity of the following categories entitled to participate:

•             Member States of the ITU (CV 268)
•             State of Palestine (Res. 99 (Rev. Dubai, 2018))
•             the United Nations (CV 269A)
•             Regional Telecommunications Organizations (CV 269B)
•             Intergovernmental organizations operating satellite systems (CV 269C)
•             specialized agencies of the UN and the IAEA (CV 269D)
•             Sector Members referred to in CV 229 (ROA, SIO or FDI) and CV 231 (Regional and other international telecommunication, standardization, financial or development organizations)

Provision of information through the online registration system does not exempt Member States from the need to submit an original credentials document – see Credentials section.

As per the ITU Secretary-General’s commitment as an International Gender Champion, and with the aim for PP-22 to be gender-responsive, we encourage you to include women in your delegation.

Important information on visas: Entry visas to Romania cannot be obtained through the ITU secretariat. Please refer to the visa information on the Host Country’s website (


Each delegate interested in attending the Conference must have an ITU user account and must complete and submit a registration form and indicate if they intend to participate physically or remotely.

–> If you already have an ITU user account: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

–> If you do NOT have an ITU user account yet: please follow these three STEPS:

  3. REGISTER: Confirmation of registration will be sent as soon as your Registration Focal Point (RFP) has validated the requests for registration.

Important: Please note that you must provide your passport details on the registration form if you intend to participate physically. Presentation of a passport/national identity card is also necessary to access the Palace of Parliament each time.

Information for Registration Focal Points (RFPs):

  • You need to register yourself
  • When you register yourself, as RFP, your registration will be automatically confirmed
  • When a member of your delegation registers, you will receive an email inviting you to validate/reject this request. To access the link you will need your user account with TIES access.
  • Once a registration is validated by you, the participant will receive a confirmation e-mail with registration ID and further details.