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Since 2005 the Chamber of Deputies has been implementing an “efficiency project” starting with the modernization of interior lighting. Besides using efficient light sources, the project involved a complex Building Management System (BMS) that adapts the light scenarios according to the specific need and solarization. A special audit was performed by a third-party agency and according to the energy saving impact, the CO2 reduction potential is 2072 tCO2/year. As a public recognition of energy efficiency performances, several awards were achieved (including Winner of the GreenLight Award, within the EU project – Europe Intelligent Energy). Starting 2022 the entire building is using electrical energy produced exclusively from green renewable sources. The huge volume of the air inside the Parliament Palace is heated by its own complex heat exchanger systems synchronized by a special energy management software. The same software is used for controlling the air-conditioning systems for the large halls.  
Turn off room lights and ventilation as well as ICT equipment when not in use, and enable energy-saving features both in conference and hotel rooms.